Saturday, January 15, 2005


LaShawn Barber has some questions for bloggers.

  1. How long have you been blogging?

    About 2 years.

  2. Do you believe you’re addicted to blogging? Please explain, and be honest. It is habit-forming, I must confess. (If I decide to use your response, I may have follow-up questions.)

    Honestly, no. I've stopped thinking I have to post every day, and am willing to let my real life occasionally take priority.

  3. Have you ever taken a hiatus? If so, for what reason and how long?

    Only when extremely constipated.

  4. Have you ever thought of giving up your blog? Why or why not?

    No. My blogs serve different purposes:
    Technology in Teaching gives me a place to put technology information for teachers in a convenient place that I can reference in workshops. It also serves as a form of advertisement for my training services.
    My personal family blog is strictly to keep the family up on what's happening. We are geographically distant, but want to keep in touch.
    Right As Usual serves as a place to let off steam about controversial topics, so I don't go postal with friends, family, or at work.

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