This link to Jeanne D'Arc, who runs a lefty blog, I had trouble believing. The writer was talking about Christmas lights (the outdoor kind), and suggested that the reason builders didn't add access to outdoor plugs in the front of the house was due to safety issues.

A conservative neighbor made a comment, stating that any kid mis-using the outlets would learn a good lesson. The lefty was horrified, taking the comment as an indication that the neighbor wanted children to die.
He was willing to kill a few neighborhood kids for the honor of good old American self reliance.

Hey, Jeanne, considers this:
  • Any kid who is running around outside, unescorted, is not exactly a toddler in need of constant supervision.
  • That kid is presumably old enough to have some knowledge of danger avoidance.
  • Is that neighbor morally responsible for that kid if, when visiting, he decides to stick a bobby pin in an electric socket?
  • Do not our stupidities, if we survive them, teach us more about the world than our parent's cautions?
  • My idiot son actually used my scissor to cut a (plugged-in) hair dryer cord. The resulting charge knocked him across the room. It finally did teach him what I had tried to, with little success, namely don't screw with the light sockets. He is now in college after a career with the Navy (electronics, naturally).

It's a sad fact that some kids are going to push the envelope. Some of those kids will experience severe damage, even death. I knew a kid like that. As a child, he had to be rescued from near-death on a regular basis. He had no fear, and very little sense. As a teen, he was following a friend who was climbing an electrical tower. The friend was fried. The kid finally learned a painful lesson - don't do stupid things and expect to survive. After a lifetime of being gently guided, life taught him by example.

Some people are slow learners.

Thanks to Red State for the link.


~A! said…
Why don't people want to raise their own kids? God, I hate it when people think someone else should be responsible for the raising of their children.

Hell, I'm as liberal as the next commie, don't get me wrong. My child is my child, though, and whose job is t to raise him? The government? Not a chance. The lax and undisciplined public education system? No thank you.

Oh wait, there's me, the parent, and my wife, the other parent. Yeah, that'll work.


PS -- I responded to your comment on my blog.

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