Thank God for laptops. Without it, I would be channel-surfing through 500 channels of nothing.

Instead, I get to stop in at all the blogs I've been too busy to keep up with.

This has led me to some humble conclusions:
  • Damn, these guys are good! I mean it. Day in and day out, many of the most popular bloggers post accurate, interesting, and worthwhile blogs with a decided point of view.
  • Although I like blogging, I'm not dedicated enough at this time to play in their league. I do have a life off the net (although my most recent job as a substitute technology teacher has given me more time to blerk). So, for now, if someone wants to visit, welcome, but I'm giving up, for now, the effort to raise my readership.
  • I should have gotten the flu shot.

That's all for now. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em - just not at MY house.


Coco Church said…
Get well soon! Lucky you owning a laptop - wish I were that lucky. Hope you feel better real soon.

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