It seems as though the gist of the Democrats election strategy is to try to persuade the American people that we are losing in Iraq, if not the war, then the peace. Are they right? Not according to Stephen Green of Vodka Pundit, who says:

Our enemy isn't a nation. It isn't a leader. It isn't, despite the misnomer "War on Terror," a war on terror.

What we're fighting is an ideology.

First off, let's brush aside the Loser Notion that if we kill terrorists, we'll only breed more terrorists. So what? Every dead terrorist is, well, dead. And we can always build more bombs and make more bullets. For 30 years now, the US Army has trained to fight in a "target-rich environment." Bring'em on.

The Kerry crowd never seem to realize that conservatives don't just mindlessly react to provacation, but DO thoughtfully consider their response. It's just that a natural conservative response is not to be paralyzed by the possibility that, somewhere, someone may die as a result. We understand that innocents may be injured, economies may suffer, and our own troops may pay the price.

But we consider the results worth it in the long run.

It's sort of like being a parent. In the short run, the kids may "suffer" restriction of their movement, emotional anguish, even physical pain. But the ultimate result is an adult that can take his/her place in our society (and the family) as a fully participating, economically independent, and responsible member.

Mind you, the interim is rugged. Not all the parent's efforts are met with success. Sometimes, the parents have to re-evaluate tactics or strategy. Sometimes the result is to stay the course, however the child escalates their response. The uncertainty about results is one major factor in the aging process.

But, the alternative of saying "whatever" and giving up any attempt to mold the child is not an acceptable option. And, in Iraq, giving up and leaving the results to chance is also not an option. With our assistance, Iraq can become a society that acts like an adult - fully participating, economically independent, and responsible.

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