I'm currently in AZ with my husband. We are working on a 3-week modeling course (nothing to do with fashion, it's a math and science thing). The time difference has wiped me out for the last 3 days, and the heat is a killer. It's only bearable during the early am and late pm hours. So, we have begun to live the live of native Arizonians, emulating vampires in their aversion to natural light.

I relly can't describe the scenery. It's quite barren of vegetation in many places, with occasional splashes of green and brightly colored flowers. The flower pictured in this entry is an example of the many flowering plants I've seen.

Despite the heat, I've been breathing better. My goal is to be mobile and healthy by the time I return (and, hopefully, de-stressed). Then, I'll be in a position to tackle my secondary goal of getting a job.


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