Friday, June 25, 2004


I've been back on the 'net again this week, and am gradually getting caught up on my ridiculously oversized reading list online. It's interesting to see what the hot topics are after a pause. Subjects that previously were omnipresent cannot be found, others have surfaced like those brightly-colored float noodles you find in a pool.

The Cleveland iman, Fawaz Damra has been convicted, and may face deportation.

The Sudan genocide continues, but has yet to capture serious interest. Only the conservative media seem to care.

Bill Clinton seems to have yet another version of the Lewinsky affair, which I find puzzling. I mean, the man's a Rhodes scholar, isn't he? Can't he keep his stories straight? Here's a clue, Bill. When lying about sex, KISS - that's the OTHER KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid.


Jack Naka said...

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gesticulatively resources said...

I totally agree!

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