This is not political or social commentary - feel free to skip.

My clothes are loose. I have been wearing size 18W, or 1X, which is really the same a size 20, but without the dreaded entry into the 20's. I noticed yesterday, that when I bent over, I could actually breathe. Many times, when women tell their size, we shave a bit on the details - as in - "I wear a 14" without telling you that she couldn't bend over if she wanted to avoid a stroke.

Another thing that makes the size situation sound rosier is that today's size 8 is more like yesterday's 10 or 12. See, the invention of spandex has made clothes fit a wider range of weight gain. The only real difference between sizes of , say, forty years ago and today is that women's hip sizes have shrunk. (see right - these women were considered shapely in their day)

Today's ideal women in media is essentially, a female who has dieted until all distinguishing features of womanhood (rounded facial and body contours, breasts, behind, etc.) have disappeared. At that point, she looks like a man in drag (or a model).

Enter the plastic surgeon to give her a perky pair of plastic boobs.

Is there anyone who honestly thinks hers are the real thing?


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