Solving the Immigration Problem

There are those who believe that the only problem with immigration is that SOME people just hate Brown people.

There are others that believe that the issue is keeping relatively unskilled, poorly-educated, and generally non-English speaking from flooding into the states, making it difficult for American citizens to get a starter job.

For the neighborhood in which it occurs, tolerating the invasion is both disruptive and dangerous.

There are those who argue that more immigration is needed to fill jobs.

There are those who argue that there really should not be any distinction drawn between legal immigrants, and those that ignore borders and visas.

So, to be able to address ALL the concerns of the various factions, Comprehensive Immigration bills are always the solution of choice.

That's a bad decision. It would be far better to specifically address issues and problems, one at a time.

Kevin Williamson is on board with the Comprehensive Immigration crowd (CIC, for short). He's made it his mission to persuade others to join his side - and, as he is a good and persuasive writer, he has made some in-roads.

I think his approach misses the mark. A better solution would be to:

  • Enforce existing rules - for example, E-Verify for employers. This puts pressure on businesses to make an effort to verify citizenship/right to work. For smaller businesses, bonding companies could set up outsourced services that would clear employees, using fingerprints and other identification measures.
  • Visible tats should be used as a screening tool - if you've got gang-related tats, your ID should be scrutinized more strictly. Whether citizen or alien, having gang affiliations should be a warning signal. Is this profiling? Absolutely. Don't like it? Don't ink.
    Be fair - would you want to hire this man?

    Just because you don't encounter these gang members, don't assume they don't pose a thread.

    No, I don't like gang tats on White People, either.
  • Stop the flow of money from the federal government to states/cities that refuse to cooperate with the ICE. Reduce the Block Grants money to the states in proportion to that amount that goes to those cities. Do a spot-check on recipients of aid/cash/services - if government social services are going to aliens/their families, reduce funding by an amount that reflects that percentage of the cost of those services.
  • This law firm is providing information about Sanctuary Cities, and how to get around the law on immigration. The government COULD see that his clients received MORE scrutiny as a result - his actions provide cause.
  • Force the 'social services' to operate more honestly -if there is theft, either they collect it from the recipients, or reduce the dollars they receive from government by an equal amount. Force them to properly vet applicants for aid, including fingerprinting of all adults in the household.
  • Use the concept of bounty hunters/private businesses to reduce fraud/theft. Provide cash/tax credits for turning in those - American or not - who are ripping off government, whether that is by individuals or businesses. People know who is stealing - encourage them to turn in the crooks.
  • Stop releasing those people who are aliens. Put them into a FEDERAL holding facility (you could convert a few military bases for this use). Process them quickly. For repeat offenders, jail time, followed by deportation. If on the loose, bring in the bounty hunters.



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