Financial Shenanigans

Obama's administration was involved in more that the Obamacare financial fiddles.

That's a major drawback of blindly supporting a President - his errors, deals, under-the-table actions, and cronyism will eventually leak out. Obama had a LONG run of good press. The non-MSM outlets were derided as "fake", "racist", H8rs, and conspiracy theorists.

Which, to be fair, some of them were.

But, not all. And people's reliance on the worst sources can be explained by the disconnect people felt from the MSM - whom they KNEW to be bigoted liars, and disdainful elitists, as well.

I remember when Obama was first elected, in 2008. I was at my post, watching the kids stream in for their first class.

Their faces were shining - they were ECSTATIC that Obama had won. Their optimism was obvious, and they re-doubled their efforts in school.

Well, for a small few, that would have be 2 times zero. But, even for the worst students, they saw a vision of what life COULD be, if they made the effort.

Circumstances over the following years led to defensive support in the face of criticism, refusal to see evidence that contradicted their bias, and, eventually, disillusionment and bitterness.

And, chaos - don't forget - deliberately provoked by the extreme Leftist end of the spectrum, callously using idealistic young people to suffer the consequences. Very much like their predecessors, the New Left (follow the link to learn more about them - sometimes, I forget that younger people didn't have the advantage that people my age had, to directly see them in action, and learn about their underlying motives).



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