The More Things Change..

...the more they stay the same, as the saying goes.

The real problem with many Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Leftists (I'm giving the full range of thought on the Left), is that so many are quite badly educated.

Am I calling them Dumb?


I am, however, saying that their education is more properly described as learning in a VERY narrow range - i.e., what unbiased people would call 'propaganda'.

They seldom explore thought outside of that small subset of 'what everyone knows'. They get their information about their opponents from those sources who have the most motivation to mis-characterize the philosophy, aims, and words. In short, how do they know what Conservatives believe?

Someone with an ax to grind told them what THEY believed that Conservatives believe.

That makes it hard to have a civil discussion with them. They KNOW, you see, that ANY argument you put up to them is TOTALLY wrong, racist, and designed to hide your deep-seated hatred of mankind, particularly the browner portions of it.

At best, you will be thought a brainwashed fool, in thrall to those more evil people who have twisted your mind with lies.

A puppet of the Evil Ones.

Or, an unthinking Bible-beater. Incapable of getting to a more 'nuanced' interpretation of it.

Just - not that bright.

That there could be a rational, reasoned approach that differs from theirs is something that has, apparently, never occurred to them.

Why is this?

Because so few on the Left actually read Conservative thinkers. Or, for that matter, the source documents of our country.

Here is a link to some writing of Lincoln, explaining why the Pro-Slavery Forces were so wrong in their understanding of the fundamental nature of our Republic. Surprisingly - to me - the Democrats, even then, believed that the Founders supported slavery. They haven't changed that thinking, although, somehow, they have managed to forget that they were its greatest supporters WELL into the latter part of the 20th century.

Below is a cartoon I found on that site.



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