Lest We Forget History

This is one of those stories that has gone down the memory hole (for those who don't have a clue as to what 'memory hole' refers, you really need to read this).

The man who is sometimes called (by Progressives) The Lion of the Senate, was in contact with the Russians to attempt to influence the 1984 election - how appropriate - by persuading the Soviets to work with American media to get their side of the nuclear story out. Kennedy's goal? To defeat Reagan in that election.

By USING Soviet resources. Against a sitting American President.

More on the story at Front Page.

On a similar note:

Chelsea Clinton wrote a children's book - She Persisted. The phrase is based on an incident in which Sen. Elizabeth Warren was speaking from the floor of the Senate, but went over her allotted time. She continued speaking, despite warnings and admonishments. Eventually, her mic was turned off.

Really? Chelsea wrote a book celebrating the fact that a female talked too much? Something many men have complained about since forever?

This takedown of one of the women featured in the book is priceless. Chelsea is superficial in her treatment of the history of this woman, which is kind of a hallmark of the Clinton Kid.



The deepest any Clinton has ever gone with anyone is about six inches.

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