Is Comey Being Persecuted?

Short Answer:  No

Long Answer:  Hell, no!

Here are some links that might persuade the open-minded to reconsider their support of Comey's testimony:

  • Early in Comey's career, he handled the Anthrax Poisoning Case - badly.
  • Details of the Martha Stewart and Frank Quattrone cases - Comey displayed incompetence, dogged refusal to follow the law, truly twisted reading of the law, and, in general, the same partisan, hate-the-rich attitude that he directed to try to bring Trump down. I am NOT saying that Trump or any of these other people are saints; I AM saying that they deserve the same protections from government that ALL Americans are guaranteed under the Constitution.
  • Here is a summary of the MANY cases in which Comey displayed confidence in his case, vindictiveness in pursuing questionable 'suspects', and generally following a Javert-ian, dogged pursuit of Democrat 'enemies'.



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