How Many Republicans Have to Die...

...before the Media finally admits that SOME of the Left are truly unhinged?

30 Republican legislators threatened - since MAY of this year.

Not content with threatening the Congressman, also threatens wife and daughter. I like the part in the article about how the Capital police warned him to "knock it off". Only after he continued the threat was he FINALLY charged. Glad to see that these threats are taken seriously.


Death threats against President Trump (yes, I know that I could just write Trump, but it's so much FUN - the descriptive 'President' attached to his name just ENRAGES Leftists).

Normally, I'm in favor of NOT sending Christians back to the Mideast - with the conditions there, it could be a death sentence.

However, the article makes clear, these are not just hapless schmucks caught up in a misunderstanding. At least one of them was an accessory to MURDER. Of many of the others, it was said:
The overwhelming majority of those arrested had convictions for crimes including murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, burglary, drug trafficking, weapons violations and other offenses, Christensen said.
Not exactly model would-be citizens. They deserve to be deported. I don't have sympathy for them.

Mrs. Bernie Sanders, AKA former Burlington College head Jane Sanders, has retained a lawyer, because of the MANY questions being asked about her use of false information to get a bank loan.

Now, if you or I had done that, we'd be in deep doo-doo.

Now so the Progressive Elite, whose airy disregard for the law never seems to result in jail time.

Lots more in the news, but I've run out of time.



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