On  the matter of expanding the H1-B Visa program, I am just -


Not even.

Don't even THINK of it.

I - and a whole lot of voters - will NOT - REPEAT - NOT - be mollified by other decisions you make.

No matter if you enact, lobby for, fight to your dying day for ANY other bill.

Those actions will NOT overcome my visceral disgust for your YES vote on Visas.

WHY is that such a big deal?

Goldman Sachs estimates that almost one million foreign H-1B contract workers are now employed in college-level jobs throughout the United States, even though many media outlets routinely say the federal government approves only 85,000 H-1B visas per year.

Goldman’s February estimate of the huge H-1B population also ignores multiple other visa programs which invite foreign graduates to work in the United States. These other temporary work visas are used to employ an additional 470,000 foreign college graduates in the United States, according to a study released on March 7 by the left-of-center Economic Policy Institute.
The EPI study, titled “Temporary foreign workers by the numbers,” says U.S. companies employ roughly 470,000 foreign professionals via the little-known O, L, J, OPT, and TN visas.
The EPI study estimates that the H-1B population at a much lower level of only 460,000 employees, partly because EPI says many H-1B workers quickly get permanent green cards, which converts them into legal residents, not contract workers.
Guys, it's time to hit the phones, faxes, and emails. Snail mail would be better, but we may not have the luxury of time.

This abomination is being sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson (WI), and also backed by Rep. Ken Buck (CO). Their names - and faces - should be on every latrine wall.

The CATO Institute is also pushing this.



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