Dodging the Bullet

I get why the Bowie Bergdahl court martial was delayed until AFTER the election. Obama could avoid dealing with it and possibly screwing up HRC's coronation, and - most importantly - he could play hand-off to her, taking it out of his legacy and blaming her later for any reverberations.

The Republicans went along with it, because if they waited until AFTER the election, the incoming President might not pardon him.

It was put off until February 2017 - which, if you haven't noticed, has been and gone.

So, what's the status?

I couldn't find ANYTHING on a search.


So, I'm guessing that it will wait until a more convenient - and less likely to blow up in the administration's face - time. When more important - and urgent - situations push the trial into the background.

My guess?

Bergdahl will receive a guilty verdict. Then, after getting a middling harsh sentence, be freed after a short time on some kind of a mental/emotional hardship or compassionate release.



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