If Only...

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...I could believe he was wrong.

Folks, this is one of the most chilling posts i read yet - but, it is NOT inaccurate.

I've seen the widening divide. In my own friendships and family relationships. The hardening of positions is real.

Trump wasn't the cause - he merely revealed the size of the divide. The reaction was a CHOICE on the part of the opposition - Occupy Democrats and similar groups have made their choice to declare war, and have ratcheted up their tactics to full rebellion.

Don't kid yourself - the not-so Civil War has already begun, started by those that - once again - have interpreted an election as a declaration of war.

Not surprising that Democrats have let their splinter group act out, engage in openly rebellious and violent actions, and pretended that the Republicans have initiated this split. They did it with Lincoln's election, now they've chosen to use Trump's election as a pretext for fracturing the country.

We will have our Copperheads and other sympathizers, living as 'loyals', but secretly aiding the enemy. We will have our faint-hearted politicians, eager to 'avoid the split' - who will see only complete capitulation as the appropriate response.

We have many who are eager to avoid conflict, and will self-censor themselves in a vain attempt to reduce criticism.

We will see a media that colludes with the rebels, and uses their press to spread misinformation and distrust, standing on their interpretation of the 1st Amendment.

Watch out for the dates:

  • April 17 - VA
  • May 6 - AK
  • May 20 - NC, and, 
  • June 8th - that's the date that the final Confederate state seceded


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