A sad Way to Live a Life

Reading this, I was struck by something he said - all that energy and time expended on 'the cause' - and nothing to show for it.

On another note, Trump is facing a strong resistance - and, according to some observers, he is not acting effectively to combat it.

I'm on the fence. He seems not to care that his opponents are being funded by the very same people that want them OUT. An immediate downsizing of the bureaucracy (say, by about 1/5) would do a lot to starve the resistance.

However, I have to allow that he is experienced in working around government to achieve his ends. So, there may be an end game here, that isn't immediately obvious.

What I do know is:

For most of those who elected him, it's a HELP that he is rolling back the regulations, but it isn't a CURE.

They need a CURE - to wipe out the cancer of too much government interfering in the concerns of sovreign citizens.

In a short reference to ANOTHER ill in the world, I give you a lucid explanation of why pacifism only works in the civilized world.

We don't live in that kind of world, and I'll be damned if I will lose my life - or my civilization - trying to pretend that we do.



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