The Road to Zen Calm

...lies on the off-track to most media.

I'm a cultural Luddite. I seldom voluntarily listen to music - of ANY era. I like the silence.

I find that when I watch 'famous' people on the news, my only thought is - who the -bleep- ARE these people? I haven't a clue.

I don't watch that much TV (except when the Mr. and I watch together), and have even started skipping The Big Bang Theory, since they started focusing on the Relationships, rather than the Science.

My husband will be out of town for a few days - I doubt that I'll even bother turning on the TV.

The same with the news media. About once a day, I skim the FoxNews site headlines, occasionally click on a link, but, mostly just close the tab again. What information I get comes from a quick perusal of aggregation sites - Instapundit, Breitbart, a few bloggers I follow because I like their work - and, if more information is indicated, I check out a VARIETY of sites, from different perspectives (including, NYT, and other sources).

In totally unrelated news, the dread anti-Trad Families forces are once again attacking - this siege is aimed at forcing the 1st Grade Crowd to accept as normal - OR ELSE! - a boy wearing a girl's dress.  Naturally, they focused on Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools.

Sound to me like a recipe for success - because we all know how eager boys are to read about outre young'uns, don't we?



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