The Future for Women?

I'd hate to see it - I've long enjoyed wandering around unescorted.

However, the New Reality in the EU is that women's freedoms may continue to be restricted, to allow the Elites to pump up their Progressive (Regressive) Self-Esteem.

Do not let his Hispanic name lull you into complacency. The FL airport Jihadi's background.

Christians, both in public and in their churches, need to make protection of their fellow Christians a priority. I'm hoping that Trump will put some muscle into assisting Christians get out of danger zones around the world - NOT necessarily bringing them to America, but helping use our influence, and TARGETED money to help them re-settle.

I'd not thought of this before, but it does make some sense.

Send these refugees from tropical countries to Puerto Rico. DO NOT give them the right to travel to the rest of the USA.

This fake "Born in America" scam needs to be shut down - NOW. Perhaps we could present them with a bill for the expected cost of their child's American passport - just offhand, how about $10 million dollars? They could avoid paying the bill - right then - by renouncing their child's citizenship claims, and leaving - NOT to return. Stamp their passport "NOT PERMITTED IN THIS COUNTRY". Any fines would be waived if they turn in the people who facilitated this scam.

But, they would still have to waive citizenship claims and leave.

Same for those jumping our Southern borders. Add up the costs of educating their kids, anticipated medical benefits, etc. Present them with a bill, and give them the same choice - renounce their "American" citizenship claims for all time, or go to jail - then be deported. If there is an American who is one of the parents, they could be hit with the bill - to be paid BEFORE getting any government benefits. Suddenly, having sex with illegals would not be so attractive. All bills and fines waived if they leave to go back to their own country - and stay there. Coming back again invalidates the agreement.


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