Remember When?

The term "Prepper" is one that has been used to smear

The Tech Moguls Turned Preppers.

The media "bravely" used their press credentials to shore up their allies?


US companies moved their production overseas, and benefited from tax breaks?

Not under Trump, apparently - it's in the works, although the exact form is in flux.

"Fake News" is, indeed, a problem. Too many people are prone to spread rumors to ALL their email list/Facebook Friends/Twitter Followers, BEFORE taking action to verify the truth of it.

The "New Media" can be, at times, the source of these problems.

However, so can "activists" who are SURE that EVERY White (except, of course, themselves) is a rabid racist, eager to oppress/kill/torture any random non-White they encounter.

So much for the KKK sightings.

I can't get too concerned about fears of a Trumpian Facist Takeover. Trump is too much the guy who doesn't think of himself as a follower of any crowd. In his own way, he is an individualist.

This linked article, about the Sanders candidacy, provides some reasons to wonder whether the fear-mongers should look elsewhere for next Hitler.

Some Leftists say that there is NO voter fraud, and that attempts to deal with this non-existent problem amounts to voter suppression.

Some thoughts on that.



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