Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is

I read this account of the making of a film that target egregious human rights abuses, and how AMERICAN companies/individuals are putting their income above their soul.

One of the entities is AMC Theaters, which - I did not formerly know - is owned by Chinese companies. What they are doing is against the spirit of American values.

Please read this account of the film about the practice of Organ Harvesting from unwilling donors.

Then, take Action:

  • Boycott AMC Theaters
  • Pass this link on - make sure that you send it to all SJWs. If they are going to position themselves as caring about Justice, then they ought to be confronted with something that should OUTRAGE them.
  • Contact your Senators/Congresspeople
  • Bring this up with your church. The churches should put this issue at the top of their attention list.



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