Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

I had a hard time believing it, but the Deluded Democrats (copyright pending) are trying to pass off the idea that Trump is getting handed a TERRIFIC economy!
And, it will be HIS FAULT when it craters!
Oh, please. Everybody knows how bad it is for the average man (and many women).
Investors, which is everyone that has savings or a retirement fund, know how anemic the economy has been. My 403(b)'s have barely matched what they were eight years ago. It has made many fearful about retiring, which makes it hard for younger people to get work.
Savings are no better; I'm sitting with some of that money in savings, at 0.5 %. Can't get rich on that - can't even keep up with inflation.
Housing prices have (barely) returned to where they were before the housing meltdown, in GOOD markets. In bad markets, some people are still underwater on their mortgages.
For older men in those states, Bloomberg reports, inflation-adjusted pay is below the level in — wait for it — 1979. That’s two generations lost. In those swing states, the idea that Obama is handing back a booming economy will be seen there as an absurd boast.
Even if, in the last month or so, what economists call the “animal spirits” of economic activity have begun to stir. That’s because of the possibility that the credit already belongs to Trump.
The wretchedness of our current economy isn't just one man's opinion. Not is that the only problem that Obama is passing on, that he refuses to take credit for - international relations is, at best, shaky and mistrustful, at worst, open war. But, not according to Obama, who sees nothing but sunny skies.
Characteristic of the head scratchers in Obama’s speech was this: “No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.” Elsewhere in the speech the president cited the “homegrown and largely isolated individuals” who killed Americans in Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, and Fort Hood, and who were “radicalized online.” Never mind the fact that the Fort Hood terrorist exchanged a dozen or so emails with Anwar al-Awlaki, the American cleric who worked so hard to encourage American Muslims to murder their fellow citizens, or that al Qaeda and ISIS were actively calling for such attacks, and providing instructions for how to carry them out in their online magazines.
People listen to this sort of hairsplitting, and they think, that just doesn’t seem right. One hears the president, during the same speech, praise the campaign against the Islamic State as “sustainable,” and one can’t help but wonder, since when did we want a military effort against a trumped up gang of women-beating thugs like this to be “sustainable”? Swift, yes; crushing, sure; but “sustainable?” How about “victorious”? How about “over”?
 It will be a hoot watching Progressives spin around like dervishes trying to overturn their former positions. The one that I will find the most entertaining is observing them deciding that the term "Scandal" is NOT just reserved for sexual dalliances, but also for:

  • Linkages between industry and government
  • Screwups on the part of administration officials
  • Trying to put the best spin on those screwups

Hating the President, and opposing him at every opportunity, will become, once again, the HIGHEST form of Patriotism. Judging from the way the #NotMyPresident marchers have begun planning a coup, Trump will be lucky to not have some future Progressive put an asterisk next to the 45 in the history books.



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