Why Hillary's Illness is Such a Big Deal

I've had pneumonia in the past, when I was younger.  It knocked me out for at least a week or two of bed rest, and another few weeks of limited energy.

After 4 bouts of it, I learned (I can be a slow learner).

Get the pneumonia shot.  It may not stop ALL respiratory illnesses, but not getting pneumonia matters.

Why is this important?

Hillary either didn't get the shot (unlikely in a person who both sees a medical doctor on a regular basis, and who is exposed to MANY people's germs on a regular basis), or this is not standard bacterial/viral pneumonia.

The term pneumonia can either refer to the respiratory infection that can accompany a bad cold; such an infection is a known threat, and can be handled.

That term also refers to the respiratory condition that can accompany many chronic illnesses - MS, Parkinson's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, AIDS - all are illnesses that, as they progress, can cause those afflicted to become more sedentary - a major factor in the development of pneumonia.  The pneumonia is a side-effect of the greater, more debilitating illness.

It's sometimes said that deceased people often don't actually die of those illnesses they have struggled with for so long - it's pneumonia that is the proximate cause of death.

That's the problem with the Clinton team blithely tossing off the pneumonia excuse for HRC's collapse.  It is possible that she was just overcome by a sudden infection.

But, not likely.  She's been suffering from that cough for some time.  She's been working on a reduced schedule for months, making few public appearances (other than fundraisers with carefully selected audiences), and only appearing on camera for brief periods.  That isn't a cold-type cough - nasty, but generally controlled with a good decongestant.  That's a serious cough.  That's a cough that is indicative of a MUCH more serious medical problem.

It's time for the campaign to release the FULL medical records.  If the voters want to elect a woman who - I suspect - is QUITE ill, so be it.  But, let their choice be based on the full record.



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