Naturally, Because...

...Consequences are for the Little People.

Of course, those Democratic Lemmings will fall into line, ASAP.

"It's not CRIMINAL, just careless.  Could happen to anyone."

"This is just more of that Right-Wing Conspiracy thingy."  Of course, when we mention a concerted effort to cover up the truth, we're conspiracy nuts.  When they ignore obvious evidence, it's just - nothing at all, nothing at all.



Joshua Sinistar said…
At this point the only Conspiracy Theory is that we elect the government and it represents us. I'll believe that when I see it and not before. There are so many real conspiracies now, you don't need anyone to point them out. Thirty years ago, anyone who said the government was spying on them would have been thought to be paranoid, but turns out its the government thats really paranoid, because they're spying on everyone.

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