The Long March for Freedom

The Brexit vote was not totally a surprise - I could see, from reading the Liberal News the same way that Russians read the Soviet Pravda, that there was a chance that it would pass.

Debbie Schlussel just posted something critical of the Brexit vote, saying that it was a waste of time to focus on that, when the Islamic Cultural-Political Invasion was well underway in Britain.

I have to disagree with you, Debbie.  You are preaching to the choir here.  The problem is that the average Brit, like the average American, is a long way from fighting for their freedom.  Like many Americans, the Brits just want to have a peaceful life, free of the heavy hand of government - whether foreign or domestic.  Most people in either country don't pay that much attention to the news, and calmly accept the conventional "wisdom" of the networks.

Those wanting to bring in the Tea Party (or other) Revolution can easily become downhearted by political and cultural defeats.  They have a vision of what they want their country to become, and can become impatient when losses pile up.

Many want to take bold strikes, drawing a line in the sand, and daring the government to cross it.  Such people often end up in litigation or jail for many years.

Taking back one's freedom is a process - it takes these baby steps to begin to win over the uncommitted, and, votes - such as the Brexit one - serve to coalesce the allegiance of these unaffiliated persons.

The American Revolution didn't start at Lexington or Concord.  It was a process of bringing in neighbors through persuasion, guerrilla tactics that amuse them and gain their cooperation (Original Boston Tea Party), and gradually educating people as to the depth of their oppression.  It took years to get to that point.

We are the digital pamphleteers, the people on the edges, nudging, guiding, and influencing.  There is a reason that Facebook and other social media censor our videos and words - FB recognizes that this is the recruitment and persuasion stage of the revolution.



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