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Brexit After-Thoughts

Forget the Lifeboat...

As I have been following the Brexit "crisis", I was musing on the effect of Merkel at the core of this mess.

Merkel, as all the feminists like to remind me, is a woman.  And, like so many women, she suffers from a marked deficiency:
She can't admit she made a mistake.
To change course on immigration, the superiority of the EU, or blithe overlooking the Islamic threat, would require that she humble herself.  And, very few women can do that.

They can admit that they made a mistake in trusting a man, following their heart, or believing in a friend.  In other words, where emotions are involved, women can say, I was wrong.  This, they can do, because they can tell themselves that they CARE too much.  Sort of like the job seeker, when prodded for his weaknesses, says that he just doesn't stop working.  It's a backhanded admission that: I'm better than you, even in my "weaknesses".

What they just can't bring themselves to do is to admit that their thinking was the problem, not their heart.



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