Too Busy, Too Hard to Post

I haven't had a lot of extra time lately - grading, exercising, working on catching up on housework and financial papers - and, on top of that, actually teaching full-time.

Work is SUCH a hindrance to blogging regularly.  In part, this is because I can't access many sites at work, even on my lunch break.  Also, our network is locked to prevent us from using our own wifi devices - my iPad, alas, will not connect.  Right now, I've got at least 2 posts I haven't had time to upload from that iPad.

I truly can't complain.  My work is mostly congenial.  I'm blessed to be able to afford a gym, and Gold's hours are more convenient than the Y's were.  I'm privileged to have a house, however messy.

Last weekend, we attended a baby shower for my son and his girlfriend (I know, I'm not thrilled about their situation, but - not going to cut them off, either).  The trip took about 18 hours, more or less, with stops.  So, we started the week more than a little tired and achy.

I'm just not that into the election right now - can't influence the vote, don't want to waste time speculating about the outcome.  It's time to rest up, clear up the rest of my life, and trust to God.


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Too Busy, Too Hard to Post « Right As Usual
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Too Busy, Too Hard to Post « Right As Usual
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Too Busy, Too Hard to Post « Right As Usual
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Too Busy, Too Hard to Post « Right As Usual

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