Conservative Women's Magazines

It's an idea whose time has come.

Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit, first suggested it, but the concept has been picked up by many, including Bookwormroom.

That idea?

That Conservatives should buy one or more women's magazines, and run right-leaning articles, in among the tips on weight loss, hair, etc.

I'm actually agnostic on whether they should buy an existing magazine.

  • Pros

    • Ready-made structure

    • Existing audience

    • Can be implemented without huge expenditure - hey, the magazine field is under financial pressure, as is all the dead-tree media.

  • Cons

    • More difficult to get existing staff to buy into the change - MANY are die-hard Leftists

    • A writers' boycott is a serious possibility - that could lead to advertiser flight

    • Uprooting the Leftist holdouts might be a long, draining process

Either way, I would be on board with this.

Most important part of this?

NOT making this a quasi-campaign vehicle.  The magazine would have to have independence from parties and pressure groups.


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