What a Lovely Memorial

The subject of that memorial is one of the many - too many - people who died in San Bernardino.

I'm thinking either Rubio or Cruz, although I'm leaning Cruz - mostly because he is NOT charismatic.  He is, however, a prodigious thinker.  It really would be great to have someone in the White House who would NOT slogan, but out-think the enemy.  A chess player.

Ever hear someone sneer about the Truman decision to drop the bomb, explaining that it was "ridiculous" to think that he expected large casualties from an invasion.  That person, I'd wager, will explain that it was a strategic decision, based on desire to intimidate the Soviet Union, or just a thirst for revenge and blood.

The actual answer to the question of Truman's motivation might be here.

I'm going to post and then relax - I've been studying for the upgrade to my radio license, and I'm tired.


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