Do You Need a New Comeback?

Never Fear - Kathy Shaidle is here!

One of the neat things about occasional bouts of insomnia is that. when carousing around the web (my most common go-to for those times), you sometimes run into Fun Facts!

Such as this:
More Catholics were killed by left-wing atheists—like my typical sparring partner—during the Spanish Civil War than “heretics” were killed during the 350-year Spanish Inquisition.

The "Crusades were SO Terrible" meme that the Progressives/Leftists want to beat any opposition over the head with is another of those accusations that is best combated with a Fun Fact!

Such as this map showing that the Jihadi invasion of the Middle East - at that time, almost exclusively Christian - and Europe was FAR more extensive than the defensive Crusader wars.


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