One Man, One Vote - KINDA

The influx of "undocumented" invaders into more heavily Democratic areas of the country is clearly intended to keep the power in the hands of the party that wants our borders to be nonexistent.  This court case addresses this ploy, by asking the Constitutional question:

Should our representation be governed by eligible voters, or by rounding up/importing "persons" into would-be Democratic strongholds?

It's a good question, and one with Constitutional precedents.  The 3/5ths clause was designed to keep Southern slaveowning states from getting an unfair advantage by fully counting their inhabitants, including slaves, for representational purposes.  In other words, it was designed to dilute the slaveowners' political power.

Funnily enough, the polling precincts with the fewest number of eligible voters often out-vote those with a higher percentage of eligibility.  True the Vote is one of those many organizations that are fighting voter fraud.

But, but, but....

Isn't voter fraud a myth?


Here are other instances of fraud.

And here, with multiple videos.

And, in nearby NC.  Which, is why the state enacted Voter ID - which did NOT reduce non-White voting; it actually increased.



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