Back Again, For Now

The site is down.  Bluehost has been remarkably UNhelpful, bouncing me to another site to fix things, which other site bounces me back, saying that they don't have administrative permissions.

To H3ll with that!  I'm on Blogger again.  Email me if you know how to move a Wordpress blog back to Blogger.  I have multiple years of posts that I would hate to lose.

Other, more important things:

  • It seems that all the noise about Carly Fiorina's being excluded had its effect - she will be invited to the next debate.  It does seem fair - she is polling higher than many mainstream candidates.
  • The news about the cops that are being targeted makes me sick.  More Progressive Activist Street Action?  I expect that the posting of these videos and applause by the Leftist alliance will encourage more of the same.
  • Funny how the PP videos are all the talk among those who will not hide their heads in the sand, yet completely unknown among the abortion supporters.  And, please spare me the nonsense about how you aren't For Abortion, just For Choice - no, you're not.  You just haven't the guts to tell the truth.
  • Are the differences between male and female thought processes ONLY attributable to the effect of hormones?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  FWIW, I am a female in STEM, and find that many of these studies don't reflect my experience.  BTW, the women in the study were pre-op trans-people - that MAY have had some effect on the results.
  • I'm back at work, busy complying with all of the B$ paperwork.  No time for more.



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