The More Things Change...

...The more they stay the same.

This is a link to a post by Jay Nordlinger referencing a talk by Dorothy L. Sayers - in 1938.  She sounds remarkably sensible - her views correspond quite well to that of current-day Conservative women.  Funnily enough, in the early days of the feminist movement, she was considered an icon.  I first read about her in Ms. Magazine - those were the days, before they OD'd on PC nonsense, and decided that Republican women weren't REALLY women, but cross-dressing men who "identified" as women, WERE.

Re: who is a woman - I felt as though I'd fallen down the Rabbit-Hole when I read of the pressure for producers of "The Vagina Monologues" to include cast members with penises - or, as they call themselves "transgender women".  Funny - I thought the definition of WOMAN specifically excluded those people with penises.

Look - if you still have an "outie", you are, by definition, a MAN.  Until you completely transition, there is NO justification for calling yourself a woman.

BTW, it REALLY irritates me that those who originally were men put on a parody of womanly behavior that is akin to white people in blackface - exaggerated, over-the-top stereotypical actions - eyelash-batting, roguish eyerolling, pinkies extended, hip-swinging silliness.

What REALLY is a woman?

  • Strong - able to shove an 8-inch diameter sphere through a TINY hole in childbirth.  And, several years later, do it again.

  • Fiercely protective of her family - willing to cut the heart out of someone who hurts her child.

  • Hard-working - at home, and outside.  Will work incredibly boring jobs without complaint, coming home to cook, clean, monitor homework, do laundry, and get ready to do it again the next day.

  • Caring - protective of the weak or defenseless.

  • Intelligent - both academically (girls are far better students, on the average), and intuitively.  When a woman says that "she has a feeling" about something, listen to her - she likely picked up on small things, without consciously noticing, and made conclusions - all while doing something else simultaneously.

That is NOT a weakling, nor a giddy fool.


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