Yes, We Are Officially Living in Bizarro World

I grew up reading Superman, Batman, and all of the other DC heroes (and heroines - I LOVED Supergirl).

There was a character, Bizarro Superman.  Can't remember just how he was created, but he was like a Frankenstein version of Superman - craggy, just as strong as Superman, and dumb as a box of rocks.  He was like the Anti-Superman - not evil, just whackily determined to do the opposite of whatever made sense.

Sort of like our current Liberal/Leftist/Progressive Americans.  If it's BAD for America, then they are resolutely FOR it!

What brought this to mind?

  • Newscasters (Brian Williams) who lie, then lie about the lie, then...well, you get the point.  But, we are expected to TRUST them.

  • "Republican Politicians who are elected, take over the Congress and Senate, and proceed to turn around and implement the Democratic platform.  Hey, if I wanted a Democrat, I would have VOTED for him.

  • A country whose economy is cratering, but accepts "news reports" about the growing employment picture (never mind that the only ones being hired are illegal), the improving economy (the only way they can keep the figures from spiraling downward is to artificially keep the interest rates near zero), and growing public pension disasters (which the courts will NOT let the government bodies amend).

  • A society that hates the married, but LOVES weddings - the more lavish, the better.

  • A society that SAYS it elevates women, but has no problems exploiting their naked bodies in shows that a sensible viewing audience would have to admit is pornographic.

  • A judiciary that overturns laws voted on by the public, if they don't agree with Progressive views.

  • A society that is trying to make sugar and fat illegal, but encouraging pot consumption.

I could go on and on, but why bother?  Either you agree that this all is WHACK, or you likely haven't read this far.


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