The Gathering Storm...

...all apologies to Winston Churchill, who named his 1st of the WWII books that way.

No, we in America are preparing for a Storm - of Classic Proportions.









It's beginning to look like a CORKER - and it's going to hit Barry's "natural constituency":

  • Single women

  • Part-time workers

  • Artists, actors, musicians - anyone who works on a sporadic basis, and whose income fluctuates

  • People who receive a regular paycheck, but may have received extra money outside of that - such as teachers

What is the cause of that storm?

Obamacare - or, for those who decided, after it turned out to be a stinker - ACA, the Affordable Care Act.

Ya' see, people got those subsidies because they entered information in the website, or told the person over the phone, what they were making.  I'm betting that MOST of them wildly underestimated - either through wishful thinking, or because the fools didn't understand the meaning of NET pay.  It's amazing how many people never think about how much they make; for most people, the amount they take home is what sticks in their minds.  So, I'm betting that most of the subsidy-receivers used the net pay as their earnings.

And, that's where the fun begins.

If they underestimated, they received MORE subsidy than they were entitled to.  And, unlike your mama, who would have said, "Oh, that's all right, honey, you can keep the money", the feds will take it back - with interest, if possible.  When these folks file their income taxes, they will find that they OWE Uncle Sam - and it will come in the form of a reduced IRS refund, or none at all.

Let the games begin.


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