What Would YOU Do? What WILL You Do?

She's being called "the bravest woman in the world".

She is Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian who refuses to convert to Islam.

Her father was Muslim; he abandoned the family when she was 6, and her Ethiopean Christian mother raised her.  She married a Christian in her church, gave birth to one child, and is currently pregnant with another - in jail.

Her brother brought the attention of the authorities to the "problem" (guess holiday dinners will be strained).  If your father is/was Muslim, ALL his children HAVE to be, as well.  And, for women, there's another trial - they CANNOT marry a Christian, as Meriam has.

She has been sentenced to flogging, then execution.

She could stop it - IF she converted.

This, she refuses to do.

Let me see - the media is FILLED with "scandals":

  • An elderly owner of a sports team made disparaging remarks about Blacks - no one's life is in jeopardy

  • An athlete made mild remarks about a public, STAGED kiss between 2 men - no one's life is in jeopardy, although the athlete is being fined, and will be sent to re-education camp (Gee, shades of the totalitarian Communist regimes!)

  • Sundry other "scandals" are hitting the headlines

But, not this.  It's right out of the New Testament - where are the preachers, priests, and rabbis?  Why are none of the sermons asking for help for this woman - contacting our own government - at the White House, reaching the Dept. of State, writing a letter to the legislators (if your Senator/representative is running for office, it may be most effective), reaching Amnesty International?


We don't even have to make that decision NOT to convert; although many of the songs we sing on Sunday claim that we would bravely resist, even to the point of death.

We just have to take a few SAFE actions, to try to persuade our government to get involved.

For most Americans, not happening.  Not as important as sports, entertainment, or otherwise goofing off.

And we CALL ourselves Christians.


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