Why Sebelius' Farewell Address Was So Satisfying

Here's the link to the video.

  1. KS is just one example of the overly-self-important, elitist women who are SURE they are superior to the Hoi Polloi.  She kind of smiles (well, it REALLY doesn't look like a smile - more like gas pains - tight-lipped, and NOT amused) condescendingly when challenged, barely tolerating the time before she can explain - in VERY simple words (you KNOW how the commoners are - they just WON'T understand complex thoughts), her position.

  2. When she fell on her @$$, during the Obamacare rollout, she was clearly LIVID - she went from her usual tight-lipped expression to nearly having her lips DISAPPEAR - well, kind of like the usability of the web app.  Naturally, like any well-bred WASP (except for that icky P part - no need to actually get involved in religion - opiate of the masses and all), she resolutely accepted responsibility.  Not that she was actually responsible, you understand, just that, in the elite tradition, she would SAY she was responsible.

  3. You can't say she didn't do her part - throwing money around to fix the problem, shoveling vast numbers of plebians - I mean, citizens - into the system, even resorting to AGAIN changing regulations to allow for delayed sign-up, waiving verification, pushing them into Medicaid, and, finally, LOTS and LOTS of unemployed - and, for all we know, unemployable - former ACORN activists, felons, layabouts, and regular people, to man the phones to sign up applicants.

  4. It took Time and Money, and probably Blood, Sweat, and Tears (great band, BTW), to fudge the numbers - I mean, count the applications - and FINALLY announce that the whole thing was a HUGE success!  For several days, she basked in the glory.

  5. Until she was fired - I mean DECIDED of her OWN volition to resign.  Have to go out when you're on top!

  6. Next on the Sebelius Success Train?  A memoir (one that, like most Democratic books, will mysteriously end up on the Best Seller list, despite being remaindered everywhere - read the comments at the link for some suggestions as to WHY), a cushy university chair, and piles of money that SOMEHOW just HAPPEN to end up in her bank account.

Someday, walk around your local public library, and count up the number of Democratic memoirs, compared to the Republican/Conservative ones - The D's WAY outnumber the R's.  Funnily enough, you can seldom find Grant's highly regarded memoirs (he was likely HEAVILY assisted by Mark Twain - unlike Ayers, an engaging writer).


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