What's Been Happening While I've Been Checked Out of Reality

I REALLY enjoyed this vacay.  The first part went by too fast - we were visiting family, and - well - things happened.  My sister-in-law injured her back, and we played nurse for 2 days.  It worked out - the rest of the family stepped in, as well, and she's slowly getting better.

We scooted back home on Friday afternoon-Saturday, with a stop in WV to rest.  At first, the weather was a tremendous improvement, but---the cold has taken over.  I've put the heat up, I'm wearing a sweater, and I'm STILL cold.

It looks like the pressure is on for uncovering the true story about the Benghazi attack.  Obama is getting it from the New York Times, although the motivation and accuracy of their report is in question.

Krauthammer "has a theory" about that (just like Columbo!).  He thinks the phone call to Hillary at 10 pm was for the purposes of getting their stories straight - emphasis STORIES.

More Fast & Furious guns have been found - and the bullets from them in dead people at the scene of the crime.  ERIC HOLDER needs to be removed from office - AND brought up on charges of Reckless Endangerment, Lying to Congress, and Interfering with an Investigation, for a start.

I've seen several stories about a Virginia hospital that has has MAJOR problems getting patients' hospital coverage verified.  Some people walked out without getting seen/admitted.  The idea that they might have to pay out-of-pocket (welcome to MY world, peeps!) is causing them to decide that they don't need seen that badly.

I have a few comments on being around the home in the daytime:

  • Daytime TV sucks - REALLY sucks - like a Black Hole

  • If I ever come into possession of a large amount of money, I'm DEFINITELY hiring a maid - maybe 2 of them

  • I own WAY too much stuff

  • Ditto for my husband - particularly in the area of the kitchen

  • Did I mention that daytime TV sucks?  Well, it does



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