Preaching to the Choir

Here's an example of a post that should ONLY be forwarded to someone who is already on-board with the Conservative agenda:

It contains good arguments, links, and multiple examples of WHY elected Republicans should be like sharks circling a downed animal, nipping at the perimeters.

Great, right? PERFECT for sending to a Liberal-leaning friend/relative!

Ah, NO!

It's TOO much at once - remember the Cardinal Rule - NEVER overwhelm an on-the-fence potential recruit with facts.

Instead, use a SINGLE fact, and get agreement:

  • Gee, it seems like using the IRS to attack your political opponents might not be a good precedent, don't you agree? (use of a psuedo-question, single issue, mildly stated - all good)

  • I don't know, this Dr. in Philadelphia- Kermit, wasn't that his name - didn't seem to properly protect his patients against infection. Imagine, letting cats wander around a sterile area, not sterilizing instruments, letting untrained people administer drugs! (Offer to send a link to a SHORT FACTUAL article from a mainstream source).

  • (Neutral subject - not directly related to Liberal/Conservative) This is something you should think about - ask FIRST how they feel about a subject, and LISTEN - for example: "I've been hearing about this Edward Snowden character who released information about the NSA surveillance of Americans. Some are saying he's a hero, others a traitor. I don't really know what to think - what do you think?" This is great for getting a sense of what concerns that person.

  • Send this link to someone - ask - simply - do you agree?

  • Ask: Do you agree with this link?

In every case, note the neutral tone - NOT designed to persuade, but to gather information about their leanings. You really shouldn't waste your knowledge on a rabid opponent; still more important, don't push someone too far beyond their comfort zone at a single meeting. Instead, think of your efforts as the steady drip, drip of a leaky faucet. Slow, persistent, eventually wearing away granite.

I'm reminded of the Revolutionary Fathers - all were dedicated to the work of years - which is what it took to finally ignite the Revolution. They were friendly, helpful, and a good source of news. They led by letting others make the decision for themselves.

You can't persuade people - you can only lead them to discover the facts, and support their gradual change of mind.


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