First Lesson - Conservative Self-Education

I found this post on American Thinker, and thought it emphasized an important point:

Control the language

Don't let the pro-abortion people (or any other Leftist group) define the issues in THEIR words. Replace 20 weeks with 6 months - it's the same time period, but put in words that most people have a general sense of, in terms of fetal development.

My advice to folks talking about this is to use "six months" instead of "20 weeks." Emphasize the familiar: we all know what six months of pregnancy looks like. Banning abortions after 20 weeks means banning abortions inside the sixth month. 20 weeks is almost clinical and nobody really thinks in those terms, anyway.
We all have an instinctive feel for two weeks' time, four weeks' time, maybe even six weeks' time. But after that, most people think in terms of months. And, as I said, everybody knows what six months of pregnancy looks like. There's no way to make the usual intellectual dodge -- "it's just a clump of cells" work at that point. Not even close.

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