Bullies on the Left

One sad facet of our divided political structure is that a small group can use it to push an agenda that almost all of the rest of us DON'T want. So many come to mind, but let's just take ONE:

The agitation to drive Christian adoption agencies out of business, on the grounds that they won't violate their religious principles to allow gay couples to adopt.

A recent book by Kathryn Joyce is drawing attention for its demonization of the Christian orphan care movement. This attention highlights the unseen reality that faith-based child welfare agencies regularly come under attack by state action designed to force them to either abandon their constitutionally protected religious beliefs, or lose their ability to serve orphaned and vulnerable children. With an estimated global orphan population of 153 million, children, not politics, should come first.

People of principle should not have to abandon them to suit the changing political atmosphere. Or in the words of the Communist Saint, Lillian Hellman:

I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashion.

Read the article at the link for further examples.


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