The REAL Censorship Issue - Part One

I've been watching the recent revelations about the NSA snooping on Americans with fascination, and a little paranoia.  Over-the-top?  You might want to read this, about what metadata (the information that the NSA was collecting) can tell about your life - ALL of it.

It's bringing back memories of those dystopian novels Baby Boomers had to read, in the 60s and 70s.  I'm referring to 1984 and Brave New World.

Orwell's novel chilled me.  I've seen Youtube snippets from the movies, and the look of it fit what I imagined at the time.  I remember, however, wondering, why didn't he just resist the re-programming that he endured at the end?  I had a hard time imagining how a person could be so beaten-down that they just caved on issues of freedom.

No longer.  I've discovered the Great Secret of Big Brother - he doesn't censor, he coerces individuals until they, and those who sympathise with them SELF-CENSOR.  We've gradually been hectored, nagged, coaxed, and pushed towards stifling our root beliefs, feelings, words, and, eventually, thoughts.

Words:  the "N" word - even referring to it in order to condemn it has been made taboo.  Unless, of course, you're Black.  Woe betide anyone singing a song with "that word" in it - you will be subjected to all that the Liberals can throw at you - loss of employment, fines, expulsion from school, threats.  The same goes for someone who uses a REAL WORD that, unfortunately, someone ASSUMES is the "N" word - no amount of apologies or explanations saved his job.

Unless, of course, you're a White Democrat - who, BTW, was a leader in the clan in his youth.

Beliefs:  Public prayers - off limits. Unless, of course, you're a member of a favored religion, in which case the government actively provides public assistance in furthering your religious practices, on the job.  Again, this was NOT a case of the adherents being allowed to use their OWN money - it was a government freebie.  Also, Government/authority refusal of ability to choose freely about abortion*, Biblical interpretation, appropriate teaching about morals, support of abortion through Obamacare, right to hold a minority opinion (or, a majority opinion that Liberals find repugnant).  You don't have to like or approve of Dan Cathy's opinions.  He is, however, a private citizen, who runs his own company according to his faith beliefs.  He takes a serious hit, financially, for keeping his restaurants closed on Sundays.  There is NO evidence that he discriminates against gays in hiring, promoting, or providing service to them as customers.  Would that his opponents were so civil.

Targeting by Government:  IRS, EPA, ATF, DHS**.

* I found this through other sources, but the information is nicely bullet-pointed here:
In a national study of women, 64% of those who aborted felt pressured to do so by others.1  This pressure can become violent.2  65% suffered symptoms of trauma.1 In the year following an abortion, suicide rates are 6-7 times higher.3


Reasons women give for having abortions:
• Forced by mother

• Father opposed
• Husband or boyfriend persuaded me

• No other option given
• Would have been kicked out

• Loss of family’s support
• Lack of support from society

• Clinic persuaded me4

In 95% of all cases, the male partner plays a central role in the decision.Of men interviewed at abortion clinics 45% recalled urging abortion, including 37% of married men.Many of these men reported being justified in being the primary decision maker in the decision to have the abortion.6

Whatever your position on abortion, you have to admit that the above DOES NOT indicate a true choice - it is indicative of strong efforts to coerce, if not force, an abortion on an unwilling mother.

** I do agree that there are SOME conservative organizations that border on the paramilitary, who legitimately fall under the reasonable category of: should be watched.  Those organizations MAY eventually cross the line between genuinely ticked-off citizens to outright rebels against the government.  However, that is NOT the norm.  Most just want the government off their back, providing a level playing field with rules that apply to everyone, and not using federal power in a thuggish way.


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