Some Random Thoughts About the News

I'm home for a few days.  Have to clean and organize, get laundry done, and prepare for another round of workshops.

But, first, some FUN political stuff!

In no particular order:

  • Obama is trying to pull an FDR-type court-packing scheme.  Follow the link, and send along your comments to your reps in Congress and the Senate.

  • Not precisely political, but USED by politicians to promote their agendas, Climate Change.  I'm not unwilling to consider the possibility that the climate is changing, but let's not over-hype it - nor, use it to pass a Progressive agenda.  There simply is NOT good evidence that man caused the problem.  There is EXCELLENT evidence that this is a cyclical phenomenon, with some relationship to the sunspot cycles.  For some opposing arguments, backed up by EVIDENCE, link here, and here.

  • Here's a graphic that shows the extent of the hype.Climate Models vs Reality






More random links:

That's all I have the time for now - more later this week.


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