If You Still Wonder What Is Going On...

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I'm beginning to feel like John Adams in 1776 - does anyone see what I see?  Does anyone hear what I hear?

Obama is not uniquely anti-American.  By anti-American, I mean that he is RULING (not serving as an executive) like a 3rd World Dictator.  He makes his Pronouncements (Executive Orders), and the Peasants and Middle-Class of HIS country must fall in line with his RULE.

There's a reason we have elected Representatives and Senators - their role is Legislative, and it serves as a check on despotism.

No more.  We have rule by fiat.

There have been Presidents who tried to run everything THEIR way before - Lincoln, during the Civil War, basically was a one-man ruler.  Wilson, in whose term we had the Palmer Raids, ignored such niceties as Constitutional Rights.  By comparison, Nixon was a pussycat - and he, unlike his predecessors, got slapped down by Congress.

Obama's agenda is screamingly Leftist, with a CAPITAL L.

He feels NO push to compromise or work with others.  He uses the media, cynically, to push HIS legislation, HIS plans, HIS way.

Yet, he complains about the Republicans and Conservatives.  They are, according to him, too extreme.

He is willing to hold up a budget, or any attempt to reign in spending, by threatening old folks and children.


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