Before You Judge Someone...

...walk a mile in his shoes.

Have you ever talked about someone you KNOW is EVIL - a RACIST, a GAY-HATER, a HATE-THE-POOR person?

Someone, like, perhaps, Rush Limbaugh?

In other words, you've judged them.

Fair enough. You actually listened to what they had to say, and made your decision.

Oh, you didn't? You never listened to them (for more than a few seconds), read their writings, or interacted with them in any way?

Then, how do you know all that about them? From other people? Who, maybe, made their decision on the basis of NO information?

Gee, sounds like pre-judgement to me. Which, you may realize, is the same as prejudice.

Folks, I don't like Obama's policies, character, or actions. But, before I made a decision about him, I learned about him. I read Dreams From My Father AND The Audacity of Hope. I listened to what he had to say. Only after that, did I make a judgement.

In other words, I EARNED the right to decide about his character, his actions, his philosophy.

When he makes a speech, or provides his side of an issue, I always go to the transcript.  I don't believe in filtering my information.  In other words, I get my information from the horse's mouth.

I know MANY people who trash-talk Rush and Palin, who know NOTHING about them, other than what has been said/written in the partisan press.  They couldn't tell you what their position is on any given topic, what the state of investigations against them ultimately showed, what they said (as opposed to what a Saturday Night Live character said), or even listened to them for 15 lousy minutes straight, without dismissively changing the channel, snarking about their "stupidity".

Let's see - refusing to learn about a topic, but insisting that your opinions about that topic are valued and important.

Who's stupid?

If I sound angry, I am, a little.  I'm sick of people who feel that they can trash-talk people (and laugh about sexual rape of them) who have done them no wrong.  People who, whether or not you agree with them, have earned the right to respect for them as one of God's children.  Who should NOT have their garbage picked through, their emails hacked, their neighborhood invaded by snoops, or their family publicly held up to shame.

Ask yourself:  would you be OK with shaming Malia, should she become pregnant before marriage?

Do you think Mary, mother of Jesus, should have her name written on churches "Mary is a slut - LOL!"

If you don't speak up, you're as guilty as those that engage in this low-class, partisan behavior.

I would probably NOT vote for Palin for President, although I do enjoy her straight talk - I think she's better doing what she is - raising funds for Republicans, appearing on TV occasionally.

But, she does NOT deserve the abuse she gets.

As for another conservative that has been savaged by the Liberal Left, I've never listened to Rush Limbaugh.  Don't generally listen to the radio, and am not generally free in his time slot.

Yes, when he had back pain, he eventually moved to abusive levels of Oxycontin.  He should have been dealt with like other first-time offenders - slap on the wrists, and treatment.

Instead, the SAME PEOPLE who argue for leniency for drug users who aren't White and Rich, howled for his imprisonment.

Instead, the Dogs of the Liberal Left started their frenzied barking to get him HARD TIME.

Why?  Because he's an unashamed conservative.

The Leftists base their morality on class and race.  If you're not in one of their favored categories, you deserve to have the load of bricks fall on you.

Still HATE Rush?  Why don't you try what another Liberal did, when confronted with an opposing opinion?   He examined the record, and used his brain constructively.



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