Chugging Along

I'm just sitting here, watching the pre-Oscar festivities. Den is flipping between Catwoman and the pre-Oscars.

I actually enjoyed Catwoman. Few people who aren't classic comics geeks know that there were actually 2 Catwomen - one in the Batman series, and one (like the Halle Berry character) who was a thief and general semi-bad girl. The movie gets the conflict right.

I'm watching the promos for Immortalized - the Taxidermy Competition. I truly can't believe that these freak shows get the audience they do.

I should get busy grading - I have a lot of stuff to catch up on.

I've worked hard today, even without getting to the schoolwork. I finished the coursework for the Oceanography class this week (couldn't have done it without my husband), worked in the yard, helped prepare dinner, and caught up on preparation for my next week's lessons.


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