Where to Start Your Education

1)  You should bookmark Front Page Magazine.

The publisher, David Horowitz, is a former Leftist Radical, who knows - WELL - the players and tactics of the Left.  He argues forcefully for Conservative Values.

A nifty idea he had was to have a link to downloadable pamphlets, that you can use, both for self-education, and to subversively spread the growth of conservative principles. Or, you can order in bulk.

2)  Of course, the Gold Standard is National Review.

Originally founded by William Buckley, it has expanded beyond 1 man to be an entertaining, insightful newmagazine.  It has both online and print versions.  As soon as I get my finances in order, I plan to subscribe to the online edition.

3)  What is meant by "buying your vote"?  The Athenians tried that, many years ago.  See how it turned out for them.

4)  Right Wing News

The blog owner periodically runs lists of Conservatives Blogs.  Excellent way to find new content.  Generally good guy.

5)   Breitbart - although the owner is gone (early heart attack), his site continues.

6)  Real Clear Politics - provides links to BOTH Conservative and Liberal sites.

7)  Human Events - I hadn't been following this site, but it was recommended to me.

8)  The Heritage Foundation - I especially recommend their Issues & Research sections.

I'll add to this list as I am able.


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