Up At Dawn on Thanksgiving

I'm the only one up right now, at my Cleveland house. The habit of getting up at dawn (reinforced this year by the need to rise at 4:30 am every workday) is long-standing.

I'm using this time to catch up on reading, thinking, and planning. It's work best suited to a silent house. Later in the day, every corner will be filled with people and talk.

I'm reading a post on National Review, about gratitude. Multiple people have contributed a few thoughts about thankfulness. It got me thinking about it, too.

I'm thankful that:

    I'm employed - and, at a job that I LIKE. My working situations have not always been so congenial, so I'm doubly thankful that my work is such a pleasure these days.
    My husband is employed - both at a part-time Christmas job, and, as of next Monday, at a teaching job. It's only for the rest of the year - it's a grant position. But, that gets him employed in the school system, and it will enable him to bid for other jobs later in the year.
    All of my kids have a job.
    No one is sick, except the daughter that just had surgery on her foot. And for her, she had insurance to cover the operation.
    I had a nice visit with my sister yesterday.

All this is personal, as are my thanks. I'm crossing my fingers about my country, who is facing an uncertain future. At least, my country is not currently being attacked, like Israel. That country is both being physically attacked, and verbally attacked by a media indignant that Israel dares to defend itself.


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