It FINALLY Starts to Make Sense

Many political stories are like icebergs - only a small portion of the whole is above water.  The vast majority is never even seen.

Watergate was like that - we got some tantalizing glimpses of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, but much of the story stayed hidden.  Even the unveiling of Mark Felt as the long-hid Deep Throat unleashed only a few facts not already known.  It did, however, reveal his vile and tawdry motivations - not to save a country, but to get back at the one who didn't put him in charge of the FBI - a good decision, as it turned out.

Some have since argued that the mastermind behind the entire Watergate affair (including the original burglary) was John Dean.  His wife had roomed, before their marriage, with a known prostitute.  Dean was said to have been concerned that compromising pictures of her existed, and were in the Democratic offices.  Hence, the burglary.

The site Gates of Vienna has been running a multipart series, analyzing what is known about the Benghazi affair, and what part different Obama Administration officials may have had in its happening.  A particularly interesting excerpt is here.

The questions are:  was the Muhammed film trailer produced specifically to start the fires of protest?  Did the protest get out of hand?

Was the original motivation to find a way to justify the release of The Blind Sheik?

I urge you to read it, and judge for yourself.


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