You Want Offensive? You Want Offensive?

How about a new musical?

"Springtime for Islamicists and the Mid-East!"

Filled with the antics of those wacky head-thumpers:

  • Blocking roads to traffic 5 times a day

  • Forcing women - Muslim or not - to veil.  Those refusing will be given the "smiley" - slashing the face from mouth to ear.  They'll veil after THAT!  If they need more persuasion, rape any unaccompanied woman on sight, and invite your Muslim brothers to join in on the FUN!  Any "woman" over the age of 6 is OK for the "sport".

  • Looking for insults to the "Prophet", the Quran, and any aspect of Islam.  If they can't find an insult, MAKE ONE UP!

  • When the "insult" is uncovered, go riot in the streets, being careful to rape, torture, and kill any Christians and Jews - whether they had anything to do with the "insult" or not.

  • Burn the US flag - this is getting tiresome - can't they outsource it to Americans?  We have MANY who would be THRILLED to oblige!

  • Burn a Christian church or home - preferably with people in it.

  • Force an apology from Democratic presidents - it isn't that hard.  If not sure how to do it, check with ex-president Carter.

  • Refuse to accept that apology, however groveling, until accompanied by cash (the better for their leaders to steal it), released terrorists, and bending over for punishment.

NOTE:  As indicated, this does NOT apply to ALL Muslims - just those Islamicist radicals that participate in "street actions" like the above ones mentioned.


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